A scientific method to pair ingredients

Foodpairing® is a scientific method to identify which foods and drinks go well together.

Discover The Science Behind Foodpairing®

Select an ingredient - Find matches - Create pairings
Challenge yourself to experiment with ingredients and build your own unique recipe from scratch.

Inspire your menus

Find that one missing ingredient and get unstuck. Choose a matching drink for your appetizers. Learn about new ingredients. Give your classic dishes an original twist.

Foodpairing® brings your chef skills to a next level.

Inspire your cocktails

Give your own twist to a classic cocktail. Create bar food that perfectly matches your drink. Use Foodpairing® as a secret weapon in cocktail competitions.

Dare to try the unexpected with Foodpairing® and stand out.

they master Foodpairing®


"There is a whole new world of flavour combinations out there."

Heston Blumenthal - The FatDuck

"Foodpairing® has been an invaluable tool for creating cocktails. Dealing with pure flavours,our main concern is how flavour works and interacts."

Tony Conigliaro- International Bartender of the Year 2009 Tales of the Cocktail

"Foodpairing®, my guide in creating unusual combinations."

Dominique Persoone - The Chocolate Line

Foodpairing® for brands

Discover what Foodpairing® can do for your brand.

  • Premium spirits & mixers
  • Quality brands for chefs
  • Local brands

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