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New flavors in seconds

People today eat more adventurously and try new flavor combinations all the time. As a chef or bartender, it’s hard to keep up.

That’s why Foodpairing® helps you to discover new flavor combinations in seconds.

1Select an ingredient
2Find matches
3Create & Taste new pairings

Unseen pairings based on science

Foodpairing® is science-based and helps you identify which foods & drinks go well together.
Learn about the science-behind Foodpairing® which reveals delicious pairings you’ve never tasted before.

Discover The Science Behind Foodpairing®

Inspire your menus

Creating new flavors is at the core of being a chef.
It’s also the most fun part! When developing your menu, Foodpairing® gets you off the beaten track and opens a world of new flavor combinations. Try it and be inspired by local and seasonal products.

Inspire your cocktails

New spirit trends come and go at the speed of light. Stay ahead by using Foodpairing® and become a flavor trendsetter yourself.

Increase your product knowledge of spices, herbs, fruits and flowers and infuse some magic into your drinks.

they master Foodpairing®


"There is a whole new world of flavour combinations out there."

Heston Blumenthal - The FatDuck

"Foodpairing® has been an invaluable tool for creating cocktails. Dealing with pure flavours,our main concern is how flavour works and interacts."

Tony Conigliaro- International Bartender of the Year 2009 Tales of the Cocktail

"Foodpairing®, my guide in creating unusual combinations."

Dominique Persoone - The Chocolate Line

Foodpairing® featured brands

Discover what Foodpairing® can do for your brand.

  • Premium spirits & mixers
  • Quality brands for chefs
  • Local brands

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