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enjoy great food moments

Foodpairing® is a never-ending resource for creatives who love to cook. Discover surprising food combinations that add joy to everyday life.

Make seasonal veggie combinations. Mix energizing cocktails and smoothies. Serve healthier hamburgers. Add whimsy to your cupcakes. Make appetizers more appealing. Foodpairing® will create memorable food moments for you and your friends.

inspire your menus

Foodpairing® offers chefs creativity to find exciting pairings. Pairings are built from scratch, one ingredient at a time, using the science of Foodpairing®. Foodpairing® is the creative impulse to trigger your sales. Find out more.


inspire your cocktails

Foodpairing® is the mixology secret to win international cocktail competitions. Whether you are a mixologist or a F&B manager, Foodpairing® is the creative impulse to stand out and trigger your sales. Find out how.


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"There is a whole new world of flavour combinations out there."

Heston Blumenthal - The Fat Duck

"Foodpairing® has been an invaluable tool for creating cocktails. Dealing with pure flavours, our main concern is how flavour works and interacts."

Tony Conigliaro - International Bartender of the Year 2009 Tales of the Cocktail

"Foodpairing®, my guide in creating unusual combinations."

Dominique Persoone - The Chocolate Line

how does it work?


Choose an ingredient

Select a local ingredient or one of the 1000+ ingredients from around the world.


Find best matches

Each ingredient addition generates a list of best matching foods and drinks.


Taste a new Pairing

Take your pairing ideas to your kitchen and start tasting the results. Add taste and choose textures to bring the Pairings to recipe level.

Foodpairing® for brands

Discover what Foodpairing® can do for your brand.

  • Quality brands for chefs
  • Local brands
  • Premium spirits & mixers

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