For Bartenders


Combine a well-known drink with authentic local ingredients (or bar foods) to offer tourists a safe way to try new things: gradually.

Introduce customers to theconcept of matching barfood along with a drink. Beer and cheese, spirits and a mini salad, ... the combinations are easily made and allow for an increase in price.

(*Note - no wines, only grape varieties)

Work together with brands to design menu items around their products and unlock a new revenue stream.

Give customers an experience they want to tell friends and family about.

While the place around the corner offers the same standard mixers as everyone else, you've added that one detail that completely changes the game.

Create new signature drinks for your bar or competition challenges and stand out.

Offer cocktails in their standard form for more secure customers, or offer to play around with the recipe for whoever is open to it.

Place your own creation in the spotlight and along with some unique bar food, creating your own signature menu item.

Explore the exciting new world of coffee pairing.

/discover exciting pairings