For Chefs


Exciting new food combinations can be priced higher.

Upselling: Waiters or bartenders can suggest appetizers that pair with a certain drink.

Appeal to your clients to order new dishesby creating seasonal menu items.

Lower your food cost by replacing expensive ingredients with local seasonalingredients to give a similar or even superior user experience.

Food & Drink

Quickly find well-matched beers, spirits, coffees or other drinks for your food combinations.

(*Note - no wines, only grape varieties)

Create and excite your clients with new suggestions on a weekly or daily basis.

Search & Discover. Find out about new or popular ingredients and find pairings within seconds.

Faster recipe modification for the weekly or seasonal menu. Join and check out our Pizza Margarita with a strawberry twist!

Faster recipe optimization.

Find that one missing ingredient to make a successful recipe.

” Foodpairing turns very useful for us. For example, we resolved a dessert we had been long time thinking about, via Foodpairing. It was nutmeg, cauliflower and grape (mainly the tannins of the skin). It is amazing!”

(Chef Andoni Luis Anduriz - Restaurant Mugaritz, Spain)

Adding new flavors to the menu is a low cost method to attract new customers.‚Äč

Clients want to have an experience: ingredients, new combinations or variations on classic dishes they have never tasted before. Creativity in your dishes create happy clients, better reviews and better business.

Attract international clients by adding local ingredients to international dishes.

Introduce authentic recipes to your menu and enliven them with a modern twist.

Create your own signature drink or food that appeals to both new and recurring clients.

/discover exciting pairings