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Barry Callebaut

Social media is propelling fast-moving consumer trends in the chocolate space. As a global chocolate manufacturer, it is challenging to keep track of upcoming trends and even harder to assess which trends are relevant and here to stay.


Key requests from Barry Callebaut:

  1. Analyze flavour trends to help the growth of customer engagement by focusing on:
  2. Emerging flavour trends
  3. Ongoing and growing flavour trends
  4. Declining flavour trends


Ingredient trend insights

Provides insights into the status of the ingredient and macrotrends. Trend data is always taken into account for the trial model, but in this phase it can also help to define interesting flavor camps and ingredients to explore.


Market insights

It focuses on branded products and companies. It also uses social media to follow evolutions, but it adds data sources like e-commerce websites to monitor changes in ratings and purchase behavior.


Macrotrends ranking in chocolate

The data served as input for the business at the country level to engage with their client base. Additionally, it was also used in a self-service web-portal with insights and and trends, helping to increase customer engagement.


Karin Loobuyck

International Sensory & market research manager @ Barry Callebaut
“More than 2.2 Million data points were used to identify emerging, on-going, and declining flavor trends within various chocolate applications. Evidence-based flavor trend intelligence helps us to grow customer engagement and strengthen our sales arguments.” 

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