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Cafe de Colombia

Café de Colombia is designed so that Colombian coffee brands, belonging to industrialists and roasters around the world, are able to join their efforts with Colombian producers and take to their mutual consumers,  an authentic and relevant product.


Aromatic and Flavorful Coffee from Latin America

Challenge I: Differentiation versus competition

  • Cafe De Colombia wishes to strengthening its competitive advantages by offering flavor insights into the relation to origin, terroir and Colombian coffee varieties.


Challenge II: Activate new coffee moments 

  • Cafe De Colombia wants to discover and inspire chefs & baristas with new coffee moments.



Core product flavor insights gives insights into the flavor profile of the client’s core products, more specifically aroma, intensity and complexity of their core product(s).


Recommends the best food and drink combinations using the FlavorID® to be used as part of activation strategies, enhancing the holistic consumer flavor experience.


Building Brand Equity: Colombian Coffee and Pairings for Chefs and Coffee Lovers.

  • Developed content for web & online activations (recipe creation and pairings for 3 types of Colombian coffee).
  • Empowered sales teams with new product knowledge. 
  • Successful activation through ambassador network (chefs & baristas) on coffee varieties and Colombian origin coffees. 
  • Decicated Coffee & pairing channel at
  • Created brand equity amongst chefs



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