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With consumer preferences and trends changing rapidly, Cloetta was looking to launch fun and exciting flavors for Läkerol Dents, to attract new consumers and to stay innovative.

To look for new flavors with the following consumption moments: All day & On the go snacking

Key objectives:

  • To reach and attract a broad and young audience
  • To launch new exciting flavors that are different from the existing range

Line extensions

Line extensions predicts the most likely successful line extensions or new products


»  Generate new and distinctive line extensions for a specific target audience and flavor camp

»  Give insights into what drives the trial and liking of your target audience


»  Trial and liking prediction on all possible variations within a specific flavor camp

»  Generate ideal flavor profile


Validated flavor concepts

The Foodpairing research resulted in the following process steps;

  • The product team received 4 flavor  concepts in different flavor spaces (floral, botanical, green and vegetable green) to implement line extensions.

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