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FrieslandCampina wishes to launch a novel dairy-based street-food drink concept into the Asian market, specifically the Vietnamese market. The concept should appeal to millennials. Time-to-market was crucial and extremely short.

Key objectives

  1. To understand the specific aroma characteristics and aroma insights of the Nubei milk drink
  2. To know the best pairings:
    1. To mix with the Nubei milk
    2. To integrate in the marshmallow
  3. To create a technical brief for their flavor house

The main objective is to identify fruit connections that make a strong synergy with the lactate base of the NUBEI drink in order to lower the risk of introducing flavor combinations that do not match.


OPPORTUNITIES -> New flavors for Vietnamese market

The following solutions were used to develop the products.

  • Ingredient trend insights
  • Market insights
  • Core product flavor insights
  • Flavor line-extensions
  • Flavor formulations

The Foodpairing research resulted in the discovery of the best flavour directions for pairings, such as tropical, coconut-like and spicy.


Marc Bongers

New Business Innovation manager
@ FrieslandCampina


“Faced with the sheer impossible number of flavor combinations to test (10 x 15) we used the Foodpairing methodology to reduce and rank the number of pairable combinations to only twelve flavors. All these flavors tested well without any significant dislike in quantitative consumer tests when consumers were able to interact with the concept and taste their creations. From a mission impossible to 12 viable and consumer validated options in only 2 months!”

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