Customer success stories

Anonymous Client

A company operating in the beer space required insights and specific advice on how to adjust the aroma profile of a core product to increase liking.



Consumer tests conducted by the client indicated that the flavor of a competitor product is preferred over client’s core products, resulting in loss of market share and declining sales in a competitive market.





Competitor flavor mapping provides insights into the flavor profile and predicted liking of competitive products.

This tool provides you with intelligence on the flavor toolbox and strategies of your competitors.


Foodpairing analized the similarities and differences between the  aroma profiles of the client and  competitor products. We developed insights into the flavor strategy of the competitor(s) towards different regions, target audiences, and flavor territories. 

Foodpairing’s research and analysis enabled the following steps:

  • Minimal reformulation.
  • CLT test to verify improved liking.
  • Re-launch of improved beer.
  • Re-capturing market share.

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