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Instant Formulations

Tetra Pak enable brands in the cheese, dairy, prepared foods, ice cream and beverage businesses to find ways to move forward. They have a strong focus on processing solutions for the food and beverage industry.

Tetra Pak requested Foodpairing to develop an AI-powered formulation robot enabling real-time beverage formulation. 



  • Real-time beverage formulation

Algorithmic flavor formulation

  • Formulation variables
  • Main ingredients & pairings
  • Taste balance
  • Aroma balance
  • Need / Mood states

Tetra Pak has six innovation centres worldwide. During a Tetra Pak innovation journey clients are invited to co-develop new beverages with latest technologies. Within this context Tetra Pak uses the Foodpairing formulation robot enabling real-time beverage formulation. 

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