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For over 175 years, Knorr has always been known for being an advocate for innovative foods and is always working with farmers, suppliers, and chefs from all over the world to help achieve a more balanced diet for everyone as well as a more balanced planet.

The modern diet is extremely monotonous. 75% of the global food supply comes from only 12 plant and 5 animal species. This is not only harmful to human health because many valuable sources of nutrients are excluded, but it threatens the resilience of the food system as well. Our food habits must change. Knorr and WWF have a shared ambition to drive change.


Ingredient trend insights provides insights into the status of the ingredient and macrotrends. Trend data is always taken into account for the trial model, but in this phase it can also help to define interesting flavor camps and ingredients to explore.



Market insights provide an understanding of the status of in-market products and brands. Foodpairing technology allows deep market insight to be seamlessly integrated into the NPD process for faster, better innovation.



50 foods consisting of vegetables, grains, cereals, seeds legumes and nuts were identified across the globe.


These 50 foods are nutritious, have a lower impact on our planet than animal-based foods, can be affordable, accessible and taste good.

Download the Future 50 foods book here.

april redmonds

April Redmond

Global Vice President @ Unilever
"By joining together with our partners, we believe we can shift the way food is grown and the foods people choose to eat, delivering significant, positive impact on the food system. Our mission is simple: make delicious, nutritious, and sustainable food accessible to all."

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