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The challenges inherent to new product development (NPD) of nutrition products are continuously growing due to consumer demand for bio/organic food, healthy diets, and more nutritious, low-calorie options. There is also a growing preference for personalized products that meet individual needs.

These nutrition trends have resulted in the constant creation of new food varieties that fail to satiate consumer tastes due to the business-centric ways, in which they are developed. This situation highlights the need for novel, data-driven product development methods and tools, and is where using the Foodpairing platform can make a difference.

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The Foodpairing Health & Nutrition advantage


Globally we rely on a small range of foods. Seventy-five percent of the global food supply comes from only 12 plant and five animal species. Just three (rice, maize, wheat) make up nearly 60 percent of calories from plants in the entire human diet. But, times are changing. Consumers are choosing plant-based alternatives more often. Industry is researching and introducing new ingredients like plant proteins, bio-active components, superfoods in their product development process unlocking new benefits. Swapping staples like maize and white rice for fonio or spelt increases the nutrient content of a dish while contributing to greater agrobiodiversity, making our food supply more resilient. Unfortunately these new ingredients pose a challenge to industry. There is lack of flavour data and questions on applicability. This is where the Foodpairing platform comes in. We help with analytical ingredient analysis, formulation development, application search and consumer trial and liking simulations with digital twin technology.


Food companies don’t need artificial intelligence to know there is going to be an increased demand for immunity-boosting food and health products in the next decade.

What they need, instead, is a real-time solution that can instantly and reliably validate new product formulations – a task easily achievable with Foodpairing’s advanced AI-driven platform.


Innovation is a risky business, especially in the food & beverage industry, where product success chance ranges between 10%-30%, new product development (NPD) takes between 12-24 months, and multiple stakeholders are involved in the decision-making process.

Moreover, the large volume of ingredient data available today makes it impossible to make the right product bets solely based on a gut feeling, past performance, or business acumen. This is where the Foodpairing platform comes in – we help you make better informed decisions about the future of your product portfolio.

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Lolita Bazarova

Head of Department, Nutrition & Dietary Recommendations @ Nestlé Reseach


At my department we do care about Dietary recommendations & Nutrition. While Nutrition alone is not enough while aiming for food and meal recommendations, we need to consider taste and appeal first for an individual choice and increase consumer satisfaction. Foodpairing with their proprietary science based assets like Flavor ID and Consumer Flavor Intelligence ( CFI) is an excellent match for partnership in serving our consumer with foods that are nutritious and liked!