9 out of 10 new product
launches fail in the market

Achieve product success by using Foodpairing AI to launch consumer-centric products.



AI validated on billion dollar brands

Consumer preferences are rapidly changing. This makes it harder for R&D, Marketing and Consumer Insights teams to keep up with these changes and flavor trends.

You can use Foodpairing to:

  1. Increase product success.
  2. Launch innovative line extensions.
  3. Develop consumer-centric products.
  4. Improve speed-to-market.
  5. Build an ‘on-trend’ innovation pipeline.

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Friesland Campina - 12 consumer-validated options in 2 months

“Faced with the sheer impossible number of flavor combinations to test (10 x 15) we used the Foodpairing methodology to reduce and rank to number of pairable combinations to only 12 flavors. All these tested well without any dislike in qualitative consumer test”

Marco Bongers – New Business Innovation Manager