Flavor & fragrance formulations

Flavor & Fragrance Formulation offers tools to optimize the formulation of core product upgrades or LEP for enhanced likeability ratings.

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Why do it?

  • Optimize your core products by getting instant feedback on the relation between sensory profiles and predicted liking.
  • Generate the formulation with the highest liking for your LEP.
  • Gain insight into the behavior of aroma compounds in your products.


  • Does consumer liking change when the sensory profile is altered? If so, how much?
  • What changes should I apply to my formulations to obtain a target profile?
  • How is the matrix changing my product?
  • What is the optimal formulation?
  • Which aroma compounds can I use to obtain a certain profile?
  • What is the minimum concentration required to be above the odor threshold?

What do you get?


Formulation simulation

Get formulations fitting the ideal sensory profile (under development)


Likeability simulation

Change sensory attributes and get instant feedback on likeability



Value proposition / Solution USP

Speed up formulation and recipe development


> Generate a formulation matching the ideal profile

Key measures

> Liking score
> Solubility, partition coefficient, thresholds


> Select sensory profile
> Select flavor territory

Data sources

> Analytical aroma data via GC-MS
> Analytical taste data via HPLC and photometric methods
> Physicochemical data


> Chemosensory

Innovation cycle

Concept & formulation development



Target audience

> Product developer
> Flavorist

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