Core product flavor insights

Core product flavor insights help you develop a deeper understanding of the flavor profile of your core products. Foodpairing’s AI-powered tools allow you to map innovation opportunities for your core products, strengthening flavor insight for impactful launches.

Why do it?

  • To understand the aroma profile of your own products at a molecular level.


This solution answers the following questions;

  • What is the flavor profile of my core product?
  • How intense are the flavors?
  • How complex is the flavor profile?
  • What are the key odorants?
  • What are the sensory descriptors?
  • What are the differences and similarities between my products?
  • Which ingredients pair with my core product?

What do you get?

  • Flavor profile

    > Insight into the aroma profile of your core products and their key odorants. 

    > Optional: Insights on the taste profile of your core products. 

    *Note. Textural profiling is not included. 


  • Portfolio flavor comparison

    Understand the similarities and differences between the flavor profiles in your portfolio.

  • Flavor pairing

    Identify the flavor pairings that match best with your core product in 9 ingredient categories. The pairing suggestions are based on the presence of complementary odorants.

  • Value proposition / Solution USP

    Flavor insights into key odorants by aroma analysis


    > To transfer flavor knowledge on core products to R&D teams.  

    > To unlock the value of your flavor profiles. 

    > To suggest the tailor-made ingredient combinations that suit your portfolio best.

    Key measures

    > Aroma molecules (full aroma profile).

    > Aroma thresholds.

    > Taste profile via HPLC, photometric method (optional).


    > Select one product for flavor profile or matching products. 

    > Select multiple products for portfolio flavor comparison.

    Data sources

    > Analytical aroma data via GC-MS.

    > Analytical taste data via HPLC, photometric methods.


    > Determining an ingredient’s aromatic profile via in-house analytical GC-MS equipment (not sensory analysis).

    > Translating aroma analysis into visual representations and sensory profiles.

    > Generating attributes like technical complexity and intensity. 

    > Generating the best and most distinctive matches with the core product.

    Innovation cycle

    Insights & portfolio strategy – Early stage insights


    Target audience


    > Product developer

    > Researcher & scientist

    > Flavor scientist

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