Market insights

Market insights provide an understanding of the status of in-market products and brands. Foodpairing technology allows deep market insight to be seamlessly integrated into the NPD process for faster, better innovation.

Why do it?

  • To be on track with competing brands and their products per market.


This solution answers the following questions;

  • Which flavor territories are growing/declining?
  • What are the market-leading brands and flavors in various flavor territories?
  • How does the online activity of competing brands compare to my brand?

What do you get?

  • Brand trend insights

    Intelligence on brand category evolution across three time horizons:

      > Overall evolution

      > Evolution over the last 6 months

      > Evolution since last month

    Emotional associations, market manifestations, related trends, and scent characteristics of brands (under development).

    Data and analysis of how brand perception differs between countries (under development).

  • Brand trend evolutions

    Insights on brand evolution: is a brand mainstream, upcoming or novel?

  • Purchase behavior

    Monitor changes in purchase behavior based on e-commerce data*

    *feasible if ratings from e-commerce are available

  • Value proposition / Solution USP

    Get better market insight into brands and products through flavor augmentation.


    > To provide insight into how branded products evolve over time by mapping metrics such as  flavors and product type. 

    > To inspire flavor pipeline brainstorming for specific brands.

    > To define the flavor camps and concepts for the next brand pipeline.

    Key measures

    > Brand / company trendiness: mainstream, upcoming, or novel. 

    > Brand trends mapped over the last 6 months. 

    > Brand trends carted over the last month. 

    > Brand trend evolution. 

    > Category evolution.


    > Select brand

    > Select company

    > Select country

    Data sources

    > Recipe websites, blogs

    > Social media

    > Ratings ecommerce


    > Generating a trend score per product. 

    > Detecting changes to the rating behavior of products on e-commerce. 

    > Monitoring new products a brand or company is launching.

    Innovation cycle

    Insights & portfolio strategy – Early stage insights


    Target audience (ref roles)

    > CMI

    > R&D

    > Marketing

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