What flavor should I launch?

Use Foodpairing AI to find highly appealing and differentiating concepts created for your target audience.


AI Validated on Billion Dollar Brands

Attract new consumers to your brand

AI simulations of consumer tests with virtual consumers allows for the evaluation of millions of product ideas, enabling you to choose product concepts with highest buying intent and liking scores. 

Increase sales of core products

Research suggests that companies with growing sales of their new innovations, were 1.8x more likely to grow overall sales than those companies who had stagnant or reducing sales of new innovations. 

Bring category excitement

Capturing the attention of eager consumers who actively seek new product experiences is possible with connected data sets that suggest the right product that fits your brand, portfolio and target consumer.

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Friesland Campina - 12 consumer-validated options in 2 months

“Faced with the sheer impossible number of flavor combinations to test (10 x 15) we used the Foodpairing methodology to reduce and rank to number of pairable combinations to only 12 flavors. All these tested well without any dislike in qualitative consumer test”

Marco Bongers – New Business Innovation Manager