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Infinity loop & solutions.
Products are never finalized! Foodpairing proudly presents its progressive view on NPD via the infinity loop & integrated solutions.

Insights & Portfolio Strategy

Insights & Portfolio Strategy solutions

A range of solutions that boosts your early stage innovation process.
Solution 1

Flavor forecasting

Ingredient trend insights provides visibility on the status of the ingredient and macrotrends. Trend data can also help define interesting flavor camps and ingredients to explore in this early phase.

Solution 2

Product insights & pairings

Your power brands require protection through continuous product innovation and renovation. This requires meaningful research and development. Foodpairing’s AI-powered tools allow you to map innovation opportunities for your core products, strengthening flavor insight for impactful launches.

Solution 3

Competitor mapping

Competitor mapping provides insights into the flavor profile and predicted liking of competitive products. This tool provides you with intelligence on the flavor toolbox and strategies of your competitors.

Solution 4

White Space Analysis

White Space Analysis allows you to analyze your portfolio through the lens of purchase intent provides unique insight into your product line-up. Combining this approach with an analysis of whitespaces points to innovation opportunities with maximum impact. .

Solution 5

Portfolio optimization

You need to achieve maximum reach with the shelf space you have. But a product set that resonates in one market will not necessarily be the best fit in another. An in-depth understanding of the local consumer is needed. Foodpairing’s machine learning portfolio maximization tools will tell you what SKUs will work best, for what customers, in what markets.

Solution 6

New Market Validation

New Market Validation helps you to increase sales of existing product portfolios by expanding into new countries and markets. How? By mapping which of your existing products match with local consumer flavor preferences. Via TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) our solution proposes an optimal product line-up to help you enter new international markets.

Concept & Formulation Development

Concept & Formulation Development solutions

The centerpiece of our offering ensures long-lasting success of your core portfolio.
Solution 7

Core Product Reformulations

Improve the performance of your core portfolio with recipe and formulation insight and intelligence.

Solution 8

Concept Development for Line Extensions

Generate the ideal flavor profile for line extensions based on purchase intent and likability forecasting.

Solution 9

Technical Formulation Brief

Technical Formulation Brief offers tools for formulation development and optimization of new products and your core products to increase consumer liking of the product.

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Insights & Portfolio strategy


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