3 Spicy sorbets and ice creams for summer

Rising summer temperatures call for ice cream! Most commercial ice cream flavors you’ll find in stores come in an assortment of flavors made from typical ingredients like fruits, chocolate, liqueurs, or herbs and spices (think: mint and vanilla), but you can easily come up with your own unique frozen creations using any ingredient. Below are three spicy sorbets and ice creams to help get you started!

Sweet potato ice cream with orange and lemongrass


This tasty sweet potato ice cream is a cinch to prepare and can be enjoyed on its own, or as an accompaniment to spicy treats like our orange and lemongrass flan. Click here for the recipe.

Thai red curry and cardamom sorbet


Add a bit of kick to your frozen summer treat with this Italian-style sorbet flavored with cardamom-infused basmati rice and Thai red curry paste. Try it with a drizzle of sweet coconut cream and serve with a slice of carrot cake and fresh grapefruit. This Thai red curry and cardamom sorbet is a pairing that’s sure to delight! Click here for the recipe.

Madras curry and mango sorbet with sweet potato mousse


Recently, I was looking up the aroma profile of Madras curry paste, which made me think of infusing its distinctive fruity, herbal-woody aroma into a spicy mango sorbet. Both ingredients share the same woody, citrus scent that reminds me of coriander. Similar to other curry mixes, Madras curry is composed of cumin, sambal, ginger, garlic and other aromatic spices, however, it can be distinguished by the inclusion of curry leaves which add their own pungent, limey kick to this potent seasoning mixture. Try our Madras curry and mango sorbet with sweet potato mousse.

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