A Foodpairing cocktail by Tony Conigliaro for a classic dish by Mugaritz

What happens when we let a top chef & top bartender play around with Foodpairing®? Spanish chef Adoni Luis Aduriz of Mugaritz presented us one of his classic dishes. Backed-up by the Foodpairing® science, bartender Tony Conigliaro created the perfect matching cocktail. The result was presented at MadridFusion 2015.

A classic dish by Mugaritz

As chef of the Michelin-starred Mugaritz — recognized as “the most important gastronomic phenomenon of the world in recent times” — Andoni Luis Aduriz presented us his one of his classics.

foodpairing Mugaritz raywing dish

Foodpairing potential classic Mugaritz dish

Foodpairing analysed the aroma’s of the melted beurre noisette, Iberico ham and baked ray wing.

This allows us to look for the aromatic matches of the complete dish and present you its possible foodpairing combinations.

foodpairing raywing mugaritz

A foodpairing cocktail by Tony Conigliaro

Tony Conigliaro — bartender of 69 Colebrooke Row and the creative impulse behind the DrinkFactory — took over from here:

“It has been a great experience having the opportunity to examine spirits and flavours in such detail and draw from the expertise of Foodpairing and the Mugaritz team encompasses the Drink Factory’s desire to push the boundaries of drinks and create new experiences.”

Tony chooses saffron, bell pepper and sherry as main ingredients for this creative cocktail “The Doubloon”, with a great round flavour.

cocktail toni conigliaro foodpairing

Why this cocktail is the perfect match

This cocktail is in perfect harmony with the classic Mugaritz dish from an aromatic point of view.

raywing aroma foodpairing

In the middle, we see the aroma wheel of the Mugaritz dish. It’s mainly characterised by cheesy, roasted and vegetable aromas.

However, it’s the less prominent aroma descriptors which often lead to the more exciting food combinations, such as spicy, fruity and green aromas.

Sherry is a match building on the shared nutty-roasted and cloves-spicy aromas. While as for red pepper and saffron we follow the citrus-green and cloves-spicy directions.

Want to see how chef Adoni Luis Aduriz created the perfect matching bar food for Tony Conigliaro’s classic cocktail? Find out here.

cocktail dish mugaritz foodpairing

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