A Foodpairing dish by Mugaritz for a classic cocktail by Tony Conigliaro

What happens when we let a top chef & top bartender play around with Foodpairing®? Bartender Toni Conigliaro presented us his classic Dry Martini. Backed-up by the Foodpairing® science, top chef Adoni Luis Aduriz of Mugaritz created the perfect matching dish. The result was presented at MadridFusion.

A classic 69 Martini by Toni Conigliaro

At 69 Colebrook Row — the bar with no name — Toni has his classic 69 Martini with Belvedere Unfiltered vodka and self-distilled Senza Nome Vermouth on the menu.

toni tonigliaro classic cocktail

Foodpairing potential of Toni’s classic 69 Martini

Foodpairing analysed the aroma’s of the Belvedere Unfiltered vodka and the Senza Nome dry Vermouth.

This allows us to look for the aromatic matches of this cocktail and thus reveal its foodpairing combinations.

toni conigliaro foodpairing

A Foodpairing dish by Mugaritz

Adoni Luis Aduriz took over from here and selected crabmeat, strawberry, parsnip and black garlic as main ingredients for his dish. He created a strawberry-crab dish with parsnip milk and black garlic.

foodpairing dish Mugaritz

Why this dish is the perfect match

This Mugaritz dish is in perfect harmony with the 69 Martini from an aromatic point of view.

mugaritz foodpairing crab parsnip strawberry

In the middle we see the aroma wheel of the 69 Martini. It’s mainly characterised by fruity, spicy and floral aromas. Besides these main themes, there’s cheesy, green, roasted and smokey aromas.

Crab and strawberry share their fruity flavours with the 69 Martini. Black garlic highlights the vanilla-spicy side of the cocktail. The interesting honey-floral notes are also present in crab and black garlic.

Foodpairing Inspiration Tool

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