Foodpairing ice creams at the Flemish Food Bash festival

On Sunday July 5th the beach of Oostduinkerke (Belgium) turned into The Flemish Foodbash, the biggest international restaurant / rock ‘n roll food festival for one day. It was the perfect occasion for foodies to indulge in both local dishes and cuisine made by top chefs from around the world. Naturally, Foodpairing® had to be there; we surprised visitors with our crazy ice cream flavour combinations!

Photo three ice cream flavours

The flavour possibilities in ice-cream are endless! Want to challenge your taste buds? Try our French fries ice-cream with tomato-strawberry sauce. More the spicy type? Then go for the prune-wasabi-shiso combo. Looking for some passion? The yellow bell pepper-aji amarillo-passion fruit ice-cream will light your tastebuds on fire.

3 exciting ice-cream combos

Plum – wasabi – shiso® cress

enter image description here

French fries – tomato – strawberry – persinette cress

enter image description here

Yellow pepper – passion fruit – basil® cress

enter image description here

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