Foodpairing @ MadridFusion 2015

MadridFusion, there where world’s top chefs showcase new, cutting edge and avant-garde techniques, ingredients and recipes to create a different experience in food and dining. Foodpairing pushed the boundaries of exciting cocktails & food with the Spanish Mugaritz and The Drinkfactory on stage.

With over 100 international chefs and more than 15 countries represented, this edition was all about ‘tasting Spain’.

Besides Spain’s greatest chefs (Adoni, Roca), Asian cuisine and the presence of Latin-American countries could not be overlooked. Lima-based chef Mitsuharu Tsumura, shared his insights on his Peruvian cuisine, rather describing it as a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian food.

madrid fusion foodpairing

Remarkable was the presence of bartenders sharing their knowledge with chefs. More and more, the boundaries between mixology and culinary arts are fading. Flavour pairing of food and cocktails as an art and craft is a new and evolving field of expertise.

Timo Siitonen and Kasper Salomäki of the Finish A21 presented their unique cocktail lounge & dining concept, where they strive towards a perfect harmony between drinks & food.

It’s in creating this flavour harmony between foods & drinks, Foodpairing becomes relevant.

We brought two geniusesTony Conigliaro (Drinkfactory), one of the world’s most influential mixologists and Spanish topchef Andoni Luis Aduriz (Mugaritz) — onto the stage for a Foodpairing challenge.

Pushing the Boundaries of exciting cocktails and food with Mugaritz and Drinkfactory

Backed-up by the Foodpairing science, Conigliaro faced Aduriz on the foodpairing tatami in two demonstrations.

First, Aduriz created a traditional dish for which Conigliaro had to devise a perfect matching cocktail. Then the other way round.

pushing the boundaries of exciting cocktails and food madrid fusion foodpairing presentation

A Foodpairing dish by Mugaritz for a classic cocktail by Drinkfactory

Grilled strawberries over crab, parsnip milk and black garlic in perfect harmony with the classic 69 Martini

parnship mugaritz foodpairing

A Foodpairing cocktail by Toni Conigliaro for a classic dish by Mugaritz

A sherry based cocktail with saffron and red pepper as a match to baked raywing.

mugaritz foodpairing toni conigliaro cocktail

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