Foodpairing Project @ Stockholm’s International Restaurant School

Have you ever tried parsnip ice cream with cardamom cake and fried rosemary, or Jerusalem artichoke macarons with lemon meringue and black pepper? The students at Stockholm’s International Restaurant School certainly have! Here are just a few examples of their innovating recipes created in a Foodpairing project.

Together with students, we’re upholding our mission on this planet: triggering young chefs to step out of their comfort zone and create their own innovative recipes from scratch. We want to inspire culinary creatives to go beyond those comfortable borders of the known and dare them to try new things. As it turns out, they’ve created exciting true experiences of food!

One of our partner schools, Stockholm’s Internationella Restaurant Skolan, has been experimenting with our Foodpairing Inspiration tool to create their own recipes from scratch. Passionate teacher Staffan Dahlberg started a Foodpairing Project and it was an exciting adventure leading to great recipes.

Welcome to the kitchens of Stockholm’s International Restaurant School!

Some mindblowing recipes of the Foodpairing Project

Creating a recipe is about finding a balance between aroma, taste and texture. Foodpairing presents ingredients that are in aromatic synergy, and then it’s up to you to follow your intuition, experiment and find a balance in taste and texture.

Staffan’s students prepared dazzling starters, main courses and desserts combining interesting pairings!

Parsnip – Blueberry – Cardamom – Rosemary

parsnhip artichoke foodpairing education program

Chef Emile and his partner Jenny surprised themselves with a parsnip ice-cream with cardamom cake, blueberry coulis and fried rosemary:

“It was a bit surprising in the beginning, the parsnip ice cream. It was like mindfucking the brain, but it was actually very nice.” – Chef Emile Spindler

Chef Lovisa Broman also enjoyed combining ingredients she never thought would fit together, while trying her raspberry mayonnaise with apple tartare.

Apple – raspberry – parmesan – bacon

apple raspberry foodpairing education

Jerusalem artichoke – chocolate – lemon – black pepper macarons

jerusalem artichoke macaron foodpairing education program

From Sweden to Japan, the Educational Program around the world

Our educational program is growing, now with more than 20 culinary schools around the globe which are enrolled! Foodpairing supports their young chefs to learn about new ingredients, work with seasonal foods and local products and to become trendsetters.

Some other partner schools are the Hattori Nutrition College (Japan), CETT Barcelona (Spain), Lycée Guillaume Tirel Paris (France), Gato Dumas (Colombia), Ter Duinen/Ter Groene Poorte/Spermalie (Belgium), École Hotelière de Montréal (Canada), and Kendall College (US).

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