Ginger and pear

The sweet conférence pear is an excellent counterpart for the fruity, yet spicy ginger. Besides this balance in taste, these ingredients share interesting aromas.

Ginger and pear in a dish, you might have experienced this flavour pairing before. There’s an aromatic secret behind this great flavour interaction. The Foodpairing® science unravels the mystery behind this delicious pairing.


The ginger flavour is mainly characterized by green aromas, of which a great part are citrus-like. Smell a fresh piece of ginger and you will notice some lemony notes!

Besides citrus notes, ginger contains spicy aromas. When having a closer look, we see there’s a pepper-like and a cinnamon-like spiciness.

ginger aroma wheel foodpairing

Ginger meets pear

Placing pear’s aroma-profile next to the profile of ginger helps us to understand their aromatic connections.

There is one distinctive aroma descriptor which connects pear with ginger. In the category of spicy aromas, the cinnamon-like spicy aromas are shared.

This connection explains why ginger and pear have an aromatic match in the Foodpairing Inspiration Tool.

ginger pear aroma connection

Highlighting the spicy flavour of ginger & pear in a soup

By adding the right set of ingredients to this pairing, you can enhance the spicy flavour of ginger & pear.

Following the cinnamon-spicy-like aroma direction, ingredients such as tequila, certain coffees or beers, ciabatta, ganda ham, cinnamon, beetroot, tomato or blueberry form a match.

A spicy flavoured vegetable would be celeriac, perfect for a soup.

Ginger – pear – celeriac – parsley

ginger pear celeriac soup

Highlighting the citrus flavour of ginger in a cocktail

Starting from ginger & pear, this remix on the classic Collins highlights the citrus-green notes of ginger by adding lemon.

Ginger – pear Collins

pear ginger collins foodpairing

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