Passion fruit ice cream with yellow bell pepper sauce and chili

Not an everyday merger, passion fruit and yellow pepper. However, they do form a tasty combination because of the aromas they share. As pictured below, they have vanilla, floral, rose, caramelic, cheesy and green aromas in common.

Picture aroma connection passion fruit yellow pepper basil

Ingredients and recipe (10 portions)

For this ice-cream recipe we work with an easy-to-use fruit puree (Les vergers Boiron), combined with sugar, milk and cream.

Ice cream

  • 200 g Passion ‘Les vergers Boiron’
  • 504 g full milk
  • 126 g cream 35%
  • 35 g milk powder
  • 105 g sugar
  • 21 g glucose powder
  • 42 g invert sugar
  • stabilizer

Mix everything and bring to a boil. Let cool down and sieve.

Yellow pepper ketchup

  • 87,5 g yellow pepper ‘Les vergers boiron’
  • 50 glucose syrup
  • 22,5 g chili-lime infused juice
  • 22,5 g lime juice
  • 15 g sugar
  • 0,75 g xanthan

For the chili-lime infused juice: 100 g lime juice boiron + 5 g dried chili rings = boil and infuse for 5min

Mix everything until smooth.

Drizzle some sauce over your scoops and garnish with basil® cress

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