TERRA for Diageo world class 2015 by Ran Van Ongevalle

“The idea with TERRA was to represent the Earth in a cocktail” says Ran Van Ongevalle. As young and ambitious bartender of the Pharmacy cocktail bar in Knokke, Ran is competing in the Diageo World Class 2015. With his cocktail creation TERRA he wants to bring the earth’s elements together in a drink.

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TERRA The earth in a cocktail

His spirits for TERRA are carefully chosen, they stand for the elements of the earth: the soil, the sea, the sun, the forest, the fauna and flora.

After all its the earth that provides us with the natural resources to create and produce endless unique flavours. For each TERRA cocktail sold in the Pharmacy bar, a donation goes to Greenpeace to prevent deforestation and protect our biological treasure houses.

“The unique flavours of the liquors and spirits we use on a day to day basis as a bartender are depending on the quality of the natural resources”


  • 40ml Johnnie Walker Platinum Label
  • 20ml Talisker 10 Whisky
  • 20ml Zacapa Rum 15y
  • 15ml Burned Madeira Syrup (homemade)
  • Clementine Soda (homemade)


As base spirit representing the soil on earth, Ran chooses the 18 years old blended Johnnie Walker Platinum Label whisky, because of its earthy flavours and the soft peat.


Without the sea there is no earth, so Ran added the Talisker 10 whisky known for its salty, seaweed-like hints.


To represent the sun that is essential to the growth on earth, the Zacapa Rum (15y) from the highlands of Guatemala was chosen.


To awaken the flavours of the forest, he created his own smoked Madeira syrup. He distracted the syrup from a mixture of burnt birch wood and Georgian smoked thee.

Fauna & Flora

Fauna and flora on earth Ran brings out in a fresh clementine juice infused with dead-nettle and silver spruce. An earthy mist of porcini is sprayed on top of the cocktail.

ran van ongevalle cocktail diageo world class 2015

Appetizers by De Kromme Watergang

More and more, bartenders and chefs share their knowledge and experiences. In his quest for new flavour combinations, Ran often gets inspired by topchefs and their creations. One of these chefs is Hendrik Buysse of Dutch restaurant De Kromme Watergang.

Complementary earthy appetizers for TERRA were made in cooperation with De Kromme Watergang.

Amongst these appetizers; crispy bites of Jeruzalem artichoke and a truffle and forest mushrooms dip.

the pharmacy knokke ran van ongevalle The Pharmacy, Knokke, Belgium — Best Belgian Cocktail Bar 2014 (Venuez) — run by Ran, his sister Hannah Van Ongevalle and father Jan Van Ongevalle).

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