3 surprising green asparagus recipes

Being in the midst of the asparagus season, it’s time to enjoy these healthy spears. This week, we’re looking into the green variant and highlighting three of its flavorful recipes.

Whereas the white asparagus grows underground, the green asparagus grows out of the soil and gets its green color from exposure to sunlight. Their aromas fit together perfectly, but we’ll have a look at some more exciting combinations. In the following recipes we use the green asparagus puree from les Vergers Boiron, which has some aromas that aren’t present in the fresh green asparagus.

We’ll serve you a vegetarian, fish and meat dish. Up to you to choose!

Green asparagus – langoustine – orange – coffee

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The Colombian Café de Santander is a great match with green asparagus because they share vanilla-like roasted aromas, which can be found in both the puree and the fresh asparagus. Orange complements the green asparagus puree because of the citrus and floral aroma they have in common.

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foodpairing flavour combinations surprising recipes with asparagus

Ingredients and preparation (serves 6)

For the asparagus jus

  • 75 g Vegetable broth
  • 100 g Green asparagus puree

Mix the puree with the water. Blend and sieve.

For the asparagus flan

  • 100 g Asparagus jus
  • 25 g Cream
  • 1,5 g Gelatine leaf , pre-soaked

Mix the asparagus juice with the cream and heat to 40 °C. Add the gelatine and dissolve. Pour into the desired glass and let gelify.

For the langoustines

  • 2 Norway lobsters

Clean the langoustine tails and smoke them lightly. Cut them to the desired length and drizzle with olive oil. Season to taste with some salt and pepper and spread over the flan.


  • Orange , wedges
  • Green Asparagus , cooked
  • Café de Nariño , freshly ground

Garnish the jars with some orange and asparagus pieces. Finish with some ground coffee.

Green asparagus – carotte – turnip – dried entrecote

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Green asparagus – egg – truffle

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To find pairings with Les Vergers Boirons Asparagus Purees go the Foodpairing tool.

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