A Foodpairing® Burger for Innovation leader Tom Kelley

World Creativity forum is Europe’s biggest conference on entrepreneural creativity. Foodpairing® created personalized burgers for the main speakers of this years edition. In this blogpost we present you – the Tom Kelley Burger – a burger as innovative and sophisticated as the man himself.

Tom Kelley general manager of IDEO

Tom Kelley is the general manager behind award-winning design firm IDEO and author of The Art of Innovation. In his book Tom Kelley states:

“creativity is a mindset that anyone can cultivate, not a personality trait you either have or you don’t.”

This mindset is of great value and of relevance to Foodpairing®. Through our Foodpairing® Inspiration Tool we try to cultivate and stimulate culinary creativity and help chefs to think-outside-the-box.

Tom Kelley’s favorite ingredients

We asked Tom Kelley to share his favorite ingredients with us:”I love the pulled pork meat that Latin America calls ‘carnitas’. I am a big fan of Brie cheeses, which are very good in your part of the world. I also love mango, so some kind of mild mango salsa would be good. If that gives you enough ideas, go for it.” Based on his preferences and the Foodpairing® methodology we created a delicious burger.

The Foodpairing® science behind the recipe

Why does this combination of ingredients work so well? Seen on aroma-level, the crunchy pork carnitas with their roasted and melty flavors match well with the green and fruity aromas of the avocado, brie and mango. The chutney of mango and tomato adds a balanced acidic taste. The creamy texture of the guacamole and brie cheese goes along well with the crunchy meat and the fresh hints in mango.

pork tree

The Tom Kelley Burger should be enjoyed with a LeFort Beer. The roasted, malty notes in the beer of Brasserie LeFort link it with the pork carnitas and its floral notes pair with tomato.

The Tom Kelley Burger with Pork Carnitas – Avocado – Mango – Tomato – Brie


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