Belcolade Noir Origins Grenada – blackberry praline

This praline recipe is created by Belcolade.

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Blackberry Fruit Paste

  • 350 g Pear juice
  • 350 g Blackberry , puree 15 g
  • Pectin 825 g
  • White sugar 150 g
  • Glucose syrup 14 g
  • Citric acid solution

Mix the pear juice with the blackberry puree and 750g of the sugar and let boil together. After boiling, add the glucose and the remaining 75g of sugar and pectin. Heat up to 106°C. Finally add the solution of citric acid (off the heat) and pour directly in the frame.

Grenada 67 Ganache

  • 140 g Cream
  • 25 g Invert sugar
  • 170 g Noir Grenada 67 , Belcolade
  • 30 g Butter
  • 10 g Sorbitol Mix

Sorbitol Mix the cream with the invert sugar and the sorbitol. Heat up to 85°C. Pour on the chocolate and blend with a hand mixer. When the ganache reaches a temperature of 35-38°C add the butter and finish the blend. Pour on the cold fruit paste and let crystallize for at least 12 hours at 18°C. Final Assembly Belcolade Noir Selection Cover both sides with dark chocolate and cut with a string in 2cm squares. Enrobe with Noir Selection and immediately apply a chosen transfer sheet.

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