Beluga Vodka Gold Line – beef – cabbage – dill – cucumber

This main course combines grilled cucumber, fried beef and cabbage. This dish brings out the green and caramelic notes of the Beluga Vodka Gold Line.

Read more on the aromatic profile of the Beluga Vodka Gold line.

Preparations (4 persons)

Beef ‘West Flemish 6-Rib’

  • 4 Beef ‘West Flemish 6-rib’ aged 6 weeks

Season the entrecote with salt and pepper. Fry according to the desired doneness in hot butter.


  • 0,5 Cabbage
  • Cream
  • 0,5 tsp Dill

Cut the cabbage into julienne. Melt some butter in a pot. Add the cabbage and simmer briefly. Add a little water and cook the cabbage. Remove the excess water and add a dash of cream. Allow to reduce. Season to taste and add the dill.


  • 1 Cucumber

Cut the cucumber into the desired shape. Grill shortly. Season with salt and pepper.

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