Caribbean food pairings by Jason Howard

With his deftly crafted Caribbean food pairings, Barbados-borne Chef Jason Howard is certainly making his mark. Blending the diversity of his native flavors with classic European culinary techniques and a modernist aesthetic, he’s redefining Caribbean cuisine for the international stage. He’s a chef to follow (on Instagram)!

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Redefining Caribbean cuisine

Although London, where Chef Howard is currently based, may offer an abundance of Caribbean takeaways, a large gap still remains in the market for any sort of refined, modern Caribbean cuisine. Drawing inspiration from his Barbadian and Vincentian roots, Chef Howard aims to redefine the way we experience Caribbean cuisine so that one day it, too, will be recognized with its own Michelin star for the broad range of cultural influences and flavors it has to offer.

“Caribbean food is not given the love it deserves. There is still a large gap in the market for refined modern Caribbean cuisine.”

Combining his experience as a trained fine dining chef with his Caribbean roots, Chef Howard’s menus speak of new and thought-provoking flavors. Each dish is a well-orchestrated dance of fresh ingredients and spices that don’t overwhelm the palate but instead excite the palate, together with his savory finishes and signature splashes of delicious fruity accents.

Jason’s Caribbean food pairings on Instagram

Due to the region’s diverse populations that are spread throughout the archipelago, Caribbean cuisine is an exciting fusion of African, Amerindian, French, East Indian, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic cuisine. The tropical surroundings also offer a variety of exotic fruits and vegetables found on the islands such as the plantains, cassava, coconut and sweet potatoes—just some of the vibrant flavors and textures that paint their way onto Chef Howard’s menus.

You can follow Chef Jason Howard’s journey on Instagram to see more of his creations!

Salmon – pomelo – green mango – avocado – dill

caribbean food pairing

Red cabbage – lamb – turmeric – parsnip

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Mackerel – passion fruit – sweet potato – ginger – scotch bonnet

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Seafood – fennel – coconut – rum – red cabbage – anchovy

caribbean food pairings

Salmon – cream cheese – papaya – avocado

caribbean food pairings

Coconut – mushroom – red cabbage – cod

caribbean food pairings

Sea bream – plantain – parsley – sweet potato

caribbean food pairings

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