The Foodpairing® Company

We are a creative food tech company at heart.

Ours is a unique approach to food tech that utilizes chemistry, physics and data science as a launching pad for the future of food.

It’s no secret that our food system is out of balance. Global issues such as climate change, sustainability and obesity are directly related to food. By changing the way we eat, we can restore our planet and lead healthful lives. Foodpairing strives to be a part of the solution and to become a global leader in the food tech industry.

Our long-term mission is to become the go-to platform for creating unique, fully customizable recipes based on science to promote healthy, sustainable lives.

We believe that discovering exciting, new flavor combinations can improve our enjoyment of food and the quality of everyday life.

The Foodpairing® Technology Platform

Computer-aided intelligence for your personalized recipe creation.

We have developed and currently operate one of the world’s largest ingredient and flavor databases. This unique, proprietary data is the basis of Foodpairing’s products and services. Our goal is to profile every ingredient in the world.

Our basic ingredient pairing algorithm, used by chefs and bartenders throughout the world, is capable of calculating surprising food and drink pairings. Our more advanced algorithms have the ability to generate entirely new recipes from start to finish. (Patent pending technology)

Imagine your own virtual chef that can suggest new culinary creations, unique spice blends, cocktails, smoothies and much more. A virtual chef with superb taste, capable of generating exciting—yet perfectly balanced—flavor combinations like you’ve never tasted before!

Products & Services

Foodpairing® for Chefs

a SaaS product

Foodpairing helps chefs and bartenders discover unique flavor combinations in seconds. is the world’s largest creative chef network. Nowadays, our palates have evolved to eat much more adventurously than before. With unexpected ingredient combinations becoming the new norm, chefs and other food professionals are challenging themselves to develop innovative menus so as not to miss out on the next big food trend. Half a million food professionals across 125 countries trust and rely on Foodpairing’s technology and computer-aided intelligence to develop their own surprising new flavor combinations to create healthy, exciting and sustainable recipes.

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Foodpairing® for the Food industry

Market research automation / Consumer flavor intelligence

Our Foodpairing consumer flavor intelligence services help both medium and large customer-centric enterprises to answer the fundamental question: What flavor should I launch?

We solve this question quantitatively by analyzing big data in combination with unique scientific and consumer data sources. Unlike traditional customer research that is slow and based on a limited number of concepts and consumers, Foodpairing consumer flavor intelligence delivers fast, evidence-based and actionable customer intelligence essential to launching the right flavor at the right time to achieve a higher ROI.

Ours is a novel approach for identifying the successful flavors of tomorrow.

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