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Consumers today are looking for healthier options that change often and taste great. To meet their expectations, entire menus have to be reinvented. As most chefs are frequently pressed for time, it is a challenge to continuously create new recipes.


Fortunately, this is a challenge that Foodpairing® can help solve. Through advanced flavor science, Foodpairing’s Chef app accelerates the journey from inspiration to exciting menus.

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  • Select an ingredient
  • Find surprising ingredient matches
  • Create and taste innovative culinary combinations

The science behind

Innovative flavor science enables us to analyse and determine the compatibility of various food ingredients on a molecular level. Discover pairings you’ve never imagined!

“There's a whole new world of flavour combinations out there.”
— Heston Blumenthal

“Foodpairing® is a wonderful tool for creativity, but only when used in concert with a chef’s intuition, imagination and -above all- emotion. It’s a great starting point but you still need to explore, try things out and, off course, taste constantly.”


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