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Digital Twin

Find a winning product in hours by testing millions of product variations against a digital twin of your target consumer anywhere in the world.

What normally takes you months or even years is now done in hours!


9 out of 10 new products fail in the market

0 %

Global brands fail to launch new products that meet consumer preferences.

0 months

CPG succeeded in reducing development time by 50% to 9 months. Unfortunately not fast enough.

Increase product success

Our AI platform predicts which core upgrades and new product compositions will win.

Reduce development risks

Innovation is risk! Validate consumer-liking and winning concepts early-stage with digital twin technology.

Reduce development time

Shorten your development cycles by eliminating trial & error. Reduce development time from months to hours!

Fast-changing consumer preferences push CPG to build better products faster.

Big CPG must upgrade its core products and innovate to keep up with changing consumer preferences and competition. Newly discovered or successful product formulations with potential market value can take several months and even years to be developed into a new product. AI-based technology and prescriptive analytics can provide the much-needed impetus to excel in competition.

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