Foodpairing breakfast @ BCB Business Hour

We organized a Foodpairing® breakfast for the exhibitors of Barconvent Berlin. No ordinary croissants or corknflakes, but surprising coffee pairings in the morning. A perfect way to wake up!

Starting your morning after a day on a spirits fair can be rough, a warm coffee is a must…to be enjoyed with some nice coffee pairings.

We started our search for ingredients that go well with the Colombian Cauca coffee of Nespresso, in order to built up an unusual – yet perfect matching – breakfast.

Foodpairing tree

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Foodpairing® breakfast Menu

Beetroot – Tarragon – Orange – Salmon – White Chocolate

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Beetroot & Tarragon Bread with orange jam, salmon and a white chocolate sauce.

Roast beef – Chocolate – Raspberry – Cucumber

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Chocolate bread with raspberry jam, roast beef and thin slices of cucumber.

White Chocolate – Cucumber

enter image description here

A croque monsieur with chocolate and cucumber.

Yoghurt – Apricot – Lemon – Cherry – Sumac – Almond – Hazelnut

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A goblet of plain yoghurt to fill with lemon curd, semi-dried apricots with sumac, crushed almonds, freeze-dried cherries and caramelized hazelnuts.

foodpairing breakfast bcb

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