Foodpairing = Disruptive innovation of the year!

Since last week, a bright orange, 3D-printed BeTech Award has added color and a lot of excitement to Foodpairing’s office in Bruges!

enter image description here

By popular vote

Following a nomination by a panel of Experts (Omar Mohout/BĂ©atrice De Mahieu/Simon Alexandre/Frederik Tibau /Jean Zurstrassen) and a three-week ‘voting race,’ Foodpairing® was awarded “Disruptive Innovation of the Year” on TechStartup Day. What a boost for our team!

A big thank you goes to, everyone who has supported us through the years and, of course, to everyone who voted for us.

The Foodpairing Team,

Johan, Bernard, Peter, Sofie, Emilie, Dries, Hendrik, Sander, Valerie, Camellia, Anne-Mie, Fayna, Giovanni, Carlotte, Celine & Marie

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