Horseradish – potato – grey shrimp – Hippo Tops

Horseradish, known for its strong and sharp flavour, is one of the traditional spices in the Eastern and Mediterranean regions of Europe. Apart from being a standard accompaniment to beef and oyster, horseradish serves as a great complement to many ingredients. Via the Foodpairing Tool, we’ve combined it with potato and grey shrimp, a classic Belgian combination.

The traditional Belgian dish calls for mashed potatoes. However, we are doing it the Italian way this time round by making a potato risotto! The preparation method is similar to the traditional method of preparing a risotto, except that we are replacing rice with potatoes. Bresc Horseradish puree is then added to give a tinge of spiciness.

Hippo Tops, a spicy type of watercress that still grows wild in Europe and Asia, adds crunch and highlights the floral aromas in horseradish.

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Ingredients and preparation (serves 4):

Potato risotto

  • 20 g Olive oil
  • 35 g Shallot, chopped
  • 325 g Potato, in brunoise
  • 175 g Vegetable Broth
  • 20 g Crème double
  • 2,5 g Horseradish puree, Bresc

Fry the shallots in the olive oil. Add potatoes and simmer briefly. Add the stock and cook the potatoes until tender. Weigh 100 g cooked potato and mix with sour cream and Bresc horseradish puree. Season to taste.


  • 1 Lettuce
  • Q.S. Vegetable broth

Clean the lettuce. Boil in salted water. Cool in ice water. Squeeze the water out of the lettuce. Chop. Mix with a little vegetable broth in a nice smooth sauce. Season to taste.


  • 0,5 Little Gem Lettuce, fried
  • Q.S. Grey shrimp
  • Q.S. Hippo Tops

Finally, top it off with grey shrimp, Hippo Tops and fried lettuce to give that extra crunchiness to your dish.


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