how to replace cucumber in my PIMM’s?

German health officials said that cucumbers imported from Spain was one source of a recent deadly E. coli outbreak in northern states that killed several people and made hundreds sick. 

They came back on that, but maybe you are still afraid (you shouldn’t, but in case you are). What could replace cucumber in your dishes or cocktails?

Well, one of the typical flavors of cucumber is (E,Z)-2,6-nonadienal. A molecule which you make when you are cutting cucumber (as by cutting you mix enzymes and fatty acids of the cucumber. The enzymes will cut the fatty acid into 2 parts, one of them being the cucumber flavour). Where else can you find this molecules if you want to make a Pimm’s cocktail?

pimms foodpairing cucumber

You can find the cucumber flavor also in: – borage flowers – mango
– watermelon – Hendrick’s gin -…

So mango in your Pimm’s cocktail? Or go directly for the Hendrick’s 🙂

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