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Les Vergers Boiron introduced 4 new qualitative vegetable and spice purees: yellow pepper, lemongrass, ginger and bergamot puree. These products were analyzed and added to the Foodpairing® database. As a next step we created some beautiful Foodpairing® recipes.

Les vergers Boiron Yellow pepper – entrecôte – hay – tomato – coffee


The yellow pepper contains a lot of fruity, citrus, floral and green cucumber-like aromas, making strong matches with other vegetables like tomato, cucumber, aubergine etc. Surprisingly, the yellow pepper matches fruits even better! Combinations of yellow pepper with pear, strawberry or orange will surely inspire.

Caramel hints are more hidden, allowing combinations of the yellow pepper with coffee, chocolate and fried meat. This is one of the directions we chose to design our yellow pepper recipe towards, besides highlighting its fruitiness.

We made the yellow pepper puree into a mayonnaise sauce and prepared the beef with hay, making this dish quite extraordinary flavourwise. Though you wouldn’t say when looking at the picture…

Les vergers Boiron Bergamot – salmon – mussel – salsify – algae


The bergamot puree is characterized by green, floral and citrus aromas, making strong matches to fish and seafood. This puree contains the subtle typical flavours of earl grey tea and is quite suitable for freshening up dishes in a more exotic way than lemon juice. We designed a classic fish dish with a bergamot twist. The bergamot brightens the flavours of the other ingredients while making its typical flavour contribution, steering this dish into a more challenging zone.

Les vergers Boiron Lemongrass – green tea – bergamot – Cointreau® – Sichuan pepper


We decided to highlight the spicy flavours of the lemongrass puree, so we selected green tea and bergamot. Finishing the cocktail with matching Sichuan pepper makes this oriental cocktail complete. Make sure to check out the strong taste contrasts between foam and cocktail!

Les vergers Boiron Ginger – Conférence pear – cinnamon – Rum Mount Gay® Eclipse


We selected pear and cinnamon for our ginger cocktail, each highlighting another flavour theme of ginger and by itself a very classic combination. The resulting cocktail is highly suited as an after dinner drink.

We are also proud to announce we will analyze more products of Les Vergers Boiron, so stay tuned. For more information about Les Vergers Boiron products visit: http://www.my-vb.com.

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