Let’s talk chocolate : Belcolade Noir Origins Grenada

Let’s talk chocolate! Chocolate is unarguably one of the most complex food products, especially when it comes to its flavors. In this article we’ll take a look at Belcolade’s Noir Origins Grenada 67 and two pralines we‘ve designed to bring out its unique character.

Noir Origins Grenada 67 Chocolate

Belcolade has an Origins series covering almost the whole chocolate flavor spectrum, going from very earthy to flowery fruity. All Origin Chocolates were added to the Foodpairing® database. Use the Foodpairing Inspiration Tool if you’re looking for a perfect matching chocolate.

Based upon the flavor analysis and the Foodpairing results, a variety of pralines and desserts were designed, each emphasizing the particular character of the used chocolate. Let’s take a closer look at the Grenada 67.

Foodpairing Tree

foodpairing tree grenada 67 chocolate

“This chocolate is characterized by fruity and citrus flavor directions. The Grenada 67 also has a big nutty flavor theme, yet these aromas can be found in many chocolates. When searching for good matches with a particular chocolate, it’s best to focus on flavor themes that are characterizing for that chocolate.”

Noir Origins Grenada 67 Chocolate Pralines

Noir Origins Grenada – blackberry praline

A first Grenada praline was made playing with the fruity direction, incorporating pear and blackberry.

chocolate noir praline

Noir Origins Grenada – Verdé

A second praline is focused on the citrusy character of the Grenada 67 chocolate. Calamansie and mint were selected.


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