Maracuja – Elderflower – Vodka

This Colombian cocktail is the epitome of aromatic ingredient pairing. Checkout the Colombian Cocktail Time article to discover more delicious cocktails. Maracuja, the Brazilian passion fruit is often used in Colombian cooking.

Naturally, maracuja has a strong fruity aroma; the elderflower, a European flower, and its liqueur share the same peach-fruity aroma. This is the foundation of the cocktail. More specifically, maracuja and elderflower also share the same citrus and balsamic aromas. Finally, maracuja also has unique floral and fruity elements that vodka also has.

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Elderflower Soda

  • 15 g Elderflower
  • 350 g Water
  • 5 g Sugar syrup

Put all ingredients in a soda bottle. Charge with 1 soda cartridge. Leave it at least 6 hours in the fridge.


  • 40 ml Vodka
  • 30 ml Maracuja , juice
  • 15 ml Elderflower
  • 5 ml Sugar syrup
  • 60 ml Elderflower soda

Combine the ingredients in a Collins glass 3/4 full of cracked ice. Stir briefly, top with the soda.

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