Matching food to beverages with the Foodpairing Inspiration Tool

A traditional approach to food and beverage pairing would be to start from the dish and then search for a fitting beverage. Although tried and proven, we -at the Foodpairing® Kitchens- often do the exact opposite!

Find the perfect pairings for a drink

Start from a beverage and design a fitting dish around it. This challenging approach offers the flexibility of fine tuning a dish perfectly to a beverage, more then often resulting in true synergistic food and beverage pairings.

The Foodpairing Inspiration Tool is the perfect tool to show you which ingredients match to your chosen drink. Foodpairing® only takes aroma into account (don’t forget this!). But as aroma is already 80% of the taste experience, it is the most important one. Of course taste and texture will play as well a significant role in any combination. So don’t forget to experiment and above all to taste…Here you go, some great exemples made by our Foodpairing® Chef.

Belvedere Unfiltered Vodka – Grapefruit

Belvedere Unfiltered with grapefruit à la Turque: the spiciness and sweetness of the dishes goes very well with the vodka and softness the alcohol

Belvedere Unfiltered - Grapefruit

Kasteel Rouge – Almond – Peach – Raspberry – Basil

The sweet, fruity flavor matches very well with this dessert. The sourness of the raspberry takes care of the balance of the dish with the food. The almond and the peach links the dish with the beer (Kasteel Rouge is made with cherries and just like peach and almond it contains the flavor component benzaldehyde)

Kasteel Rouge - almond - peach - raspberry - basil

St. Louis Premium Kriek – Lobster – Sweet Potato – Passion Fruit

St Louis Premium Kriek with lobster, sweet potato and passion fruit: the sweetness and fruitiness that characterizes the cherry beer matches perfectly with the sweetness of the lobster and the fruitiness of the sweet potato and the passion fruit. The sourness of the beer, together with the acidity of the passion fruit gives the whole a pleasant freshness and balances the dish.

St Louis Premium Kriek - lobster - sweet potato - passion fruit

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