Pout whiting fish (braised)

Pout whiting or pout is a fish belonging to the cod family. It is found in the North Sea and other parts of the European coast during the months of November through March. Like many others bycatch species, pout is an undervalued fish simply because of its unfamiliarity.

Let’s have a look at the Foodpairing® potential of the pout. We hope this information helps you to give this delicious fish a try instead of choosing the traditional sole, turbot or sea bass. Read more on our bycatch project here.

Pout Whiting Fish (braised) aroma wheel

Foodpairing® always starts with an aroma-analysis of ingredients. This information allows us to calculate pairings, because when ingredients share aromas they will pair well. Read more on the science behind Foodpairing here.

pout whiting braised

As we can see from the wheel, the braised pout whiting has many popcorn-like roasted aromas. These same aromas are often present in the crust of baked bread. A sourdough is a perfect bread type for the pout. Its floral side links it to some beers, but also floral fruits such as lychee. Its green aromas make the connection with cucumber or pumpkin.

Like a few fish such as turbot and brill, the pout contains a lot of butter-like aromas. This means that apart from using butter as a baking fat, it actually enhances the flavour of the fish.

Pout whiting fish also has some interesting citrus notes which link to ingredients like orange and ginger. This linkage was the basis of this recipe.

Pout whiting with orange-carrot and ginger soup

pout whiting recipe

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