Sakura Cress® is more than just a pretty garnish

Cresses are often used merely for decoration and added as a garnish to finished dishes. But these piquant micro-greens can provide a surprising aromatic boost if you learn to incorporate them as a flavor component in your dishes. So without further ado, we introduce you to the Sakura Cress®!

Discover the flavor of Sakura Cress®

Sakura Cress® by Koppert Cress is a dark reddish-purple version of their popular Daikon Cress® that tastes similar to the Japanese radish sprouts. Over the past ten years, development of the Sakura Cress® has been in the works at Koppert Cress. The folks there created a gorgeous new micro-green that immediately catches your eye with its unmistakable fuchsia color. These little sprouts contain high levels of an antioxidant known as anthocyanin, which accounts for its striking shade of purple. In fact, this unique cress contains one hundred times more anthocyanin than we find in ordinary daikon radishes.

sakura cress

Aroma-wise, Sakura Cress® are characterized by their Maillard aroma molecules, which are compounds commonly found in roasted meats, coffee, chocolate and such. Its spicy-pungent taste is similar to what we experience with ingredients like radicchio or black radishes.

What to pair with Sakura Cress®

tree sakura cress

Try pairing your Sakura Cress® with tart, sour ingredients for a refreshing palate cleanser that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you ready for more.

Dark chocolate cannelloni with spiced yogurt and Sakura Cress®

This dark chocolate cannelloni combines a mild, tangy yogurt with teeny bits of fruity-scented red bell pepper and a dash of cayenne pepper that adds just a touch of heat. The Sakura Cress® serve to enhance the delicate symphony of aroma, taste and texture in this pre-dessert course. 

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