Sambuca vegetable desserts

Molinari Sambuca’s distinctive flavor pairs well with vegetables that share the same refreshing anise- and citrus-scented links, like fennel, carrots and beets. It’s syrupy consistency makes this Italian liqueur a good sweetener to use in sweet dishes and even vegetable desserts.

Cooking with Sambuca

With the right recipes, you can easily turn your fennel bulbs and carrots into cravable sambuca-infused vegetable desserts. Just try our Sambuca Panna Cotta with dill sorbet and pickled fennel or our Sambuca-infused Chocolate Mousse with apricot – carrot sorbet! The key is to add the liqueur to your creations at the very end of your cooking process. This helps preserve the Italian liqueur’s distinct anise aroma and its refreshing flavor.

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Sambuca Panna Cotta with dill sorbet and pickled fennel

This anise-themed dessert pairs a creamy Molinari Sambuca-infused panna cotta with the bright flavors of fennel and dill. All three ingredients contain strong anise-scented notes that we temper using contrasting ingredients and different cooking methods.


Sambuca-infused Chocolate Mousse with apricot – carrot sorbet

Perhaps you’ve never thought about pairing sambuca with chocolate and carrots? Now it’s time! Sambuca’s sweet anise flavor mellows out the bitterness of the dark chocolate, while sharing other citrus-scented links to our refreshing apricot – carrot sorbet, confited and pickled carrots.

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