Sebastian Sandor’s Heritage

When you enter the door of Heritage to real wooden tables, warm lighting, indoor tree trunks, and an abundance of greenery you immediately feel at home. It’s easy to see that each and every detail has been thoughtfully hand-selected by the co-owner and chef Sebastian Sandor to create an unforgettably cozy dining experience.

Located in the historic heart of Ghent, Heritage is run by Sebastian Sandor and Fabio Cannalleri. Their dream was to open an exceptional restaurant with unique offerings by using only the highest quality local ingredients – like fresh fish from the North Sea, aromatic herbs, and vegetables from local farms. The resulting seasonal menu provides a unique culinary experience that stimulates the senses and inspires the most memorable of evenings.

This achievement is all thanks to Chef Sebastian Sandor, a well-known German chef with Hungarian roots.

Sebastian began his career with classical French cuisine, but soon craved a more natural, Nordic style of cooking with plenty of herbs and purer flavors. He moved on to work in Germany and Japan where he enjoyed the culture’s respect for natural products and producers, and eventually came back to Europe in order to find a place he could further pursue and develop this philosophy. Sebastian wound up at Pastorale in Brussels, but still longed for a kitchen of his own in which he could thrive. Shortly after his move he fell in love with Ghent (and his girlfriend!), and one fateful evening his visit to the beautiful city (and his beautiful girl) led him to the restaurant Barbaro where Sebastian and Fabio first met. The rest is history – or should I say Heritage.

Sebastian brings his own tastes and preferences to the table; he doesn’t use meat, opting for fish and vegetables only. His muses range widely from emotions like love, to the nature surrounding him, to his many travels. He also draws inspiration from Foodpairing, where he finds new and exciting ways to mix and match ingredients. Sebastian is not afraid to push the limits of flavor, and enjoys experimenting with interesting combinations. He pays special attention to the colors in his dishes as well, utilizing both monotone and high contrast palettes to create the experience he envisions for each dish.

Now you have a unique chance to try this amazing dish: a well-balanced ‘Cucumber – Pea – Elderflower’ salad.

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