Vegetarian Fast Food on World Vegetarian Day

As many of my friends today I am trying to avoid as much meat as possible in my daily diet, ideally by cooking fresh vegetarian meals that are as satisfying as the meat-centered meals I once considered to be the norm. With these vegetarian fast food recipes I want to show you that the transition to a vegetarian diet shouldn’t be a daily struggle and it can be both easy and delicious! Oh, and it’s World Vegetarian Day today.

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A vegetable-centered approach

An easy way to learn the tricks of vegetarian cooking is by making meatless versions of the meals you are familiar with. You can find ‘faux meat’ products like veggie burgers or hot dogs in almost every store today. However, at Foodpairing we are convinced that true vegetarian cooking should be vegetable-centered.

“By choosing the right combination of delicious meat-free ingredients, you don’t really need to ‘replace’ the meat.”

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These recipes also show that you don’t need to follow specialized cooking courses to create delicious vegetarian meals. A quick stop at your local supermarket and some devotion will do. The transition to a vegetarian diet can be both easy and delicious!

Pizza with ginger – peach – mint – tomato – thyme

pizza ginger camembert peach mint tomato cheese thyme

Aubergine burger with coffee – tamarind – pea pesto – mint

aubergine burger with coffee tamarind pea pesto mint vegetarian fast food pairings

Quiche with pumpkin – tarragon – yoghurt – goat cheese – garlic puree

quiche with pumpkin vegetarian fastfood

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