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It’s again a Belgian beer – what a surprise – earning the title of “Worlds Best Beer” this year. The Tongerlo Blond of the Haacht Brewery deserved its eagerly awarded prize, congrats. We at Foodpairing® analysed the flavours of this beautiful Pale Ale Beer and we’ll give you a sneekpeak of its possible food combinations.

The World Beer Awards 2014

The World Beer Awards is one of the most renowned international beer competitions.

For each continent and beer type, a professional jury selects the three top beers, which then compete against each other at international level.

These ‘World’s Best’ beers in their respective categories all strive for the ultimate title of ‘World’s Best Beer’, this year with Tongerlo Blond as the final winner.

Tongerlo Blond Beer

Tongerlo Blond is one of the recognized ‘abbey beers’, along with Prior Tongerlo, Tongerlo Bruin and Tongerlo Christmas.

Haacht Brewery has been brewing these authentic abbey beers since 1990, under licence. It supports one of the most active monastic communities in Belgium.

The Tongerlo abbey beers are refermented in the bottle. This extra long ageing process gives these beers their signature intense aroma and flavour.

Tongerlo Blond (6% vol. alc.) has a soft and sweet initial flavour and a slightly dry finish.

It mainly has flowery aromas which go towards citrus and rose notes. Also tropical fruity notes, hints of vanilla, clove and caramel are present in the beer.

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