Beer pairing with Trappist Westmalle Dubbel

Check out this article for more information about the world famous Belgian Trappist Westmalle Dubbel. Learn about its flavour profile and Foodpairing potential.

Trappist Westmalle Dubbel

The Westmalle Trapist beers are brewed in the Trappist abbey of Westmalle since 1836. The recipes have remained virtually unchanged since then.

When looking at the flavour profile, a typical Westmalle signature can be observed in both Tripel and Dubbel variants: very fruity, with floral and caramellic undertones.

By adding fruity ingredients to these combos, the Foodpairing links are further reinforced.  

Foodpairing Tree Westmalle Dubbel

tree westmalle

The Dubbel is brewed with darker malts, therefor it is furthermore characterized by vanilla, smoked and Maillard flavors. These typifying notes favor combinations of the Dubbel with chocolate, coffee, fried meat and so on. Here are our home-made recipes.

At their best – of course – with a Westmalle Dubbel on their side.

Westmalle Dubbel – chocolate – orange – clove

enter image description here

Westmalle Dubbel – roe deer – pumpkin – apple – gingerbread

enter image description here

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