Together we can unleash
the power of data.

Partner with us to build a stronger and more effective data ecosystem and drive the future of food, beverage, and personal care product development with the scale and speed of AI.

Our advanced prescriptive analytics platform continually ingests and processes thousands of data sources and initiatives. We integrate with a variety of business intelligence platforms for greater usability. That’s where you come in.

Building a more effective ecosystem

One of Foodpairing’s core activities is creating proprietary datasets of high quality. We actively look for complementary data partners that can bring in additional value. We work with organizations that can feed product, ingredient, nutritional, social, pricing, retail, sourcing, technology, business, demographic, sales, and other relevant data into our platform.

We also welcome integrators to help connect all stakeholders to our data ecosystem. Together, we can enhance data’s worth and deliver the power of advanced prescriptive analytics that drives business value to clients in the packaged goods sector.

The types of partners we'd love to work with

Our partners make up an important part of our ecosystem. Some partners feed various sources of high-value data into our platform, while others integrate it into existing corporate business intelligence (BI) systems.

Data partners

By providing us with a feed of your e-commerce, retail, consumer, financial, business, or technology data we can explore new growth opportunities through creating joint product and service offerings.

Integration / BI partners

Integrate advanced analytics and insights from our platform into yours and optimize offerings containing internal and external datasets to meet the specific business needs of clients.

Network partners

Foodpairing operates at the intersection of food science, digitization, big data, AI, health and wellness, consumer behavior, and other deep tech areas. We value our ability to build relationships with diverse individuals and organizations in an exchange of specialized knowledge and expertise that creates unique synergies.

Our partners